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Went to swarm yesterday. Was bloody awesome. There was a guy there doing a newbie roleplay for something called 'All flesh must be eaten'. Basic concept was that we would roll character sheets for ourselves and then participite in a zombie outbreak centerd on campus.

There are three of us from the gaming society with Charlie joining next week, two other guys and some girl is apparently joining us next week too.

I have to say that I honestly had a great deal of fun with it. The GM is awesome, especially with random occurences and critical failures. At one point, someone had to roll to turn on their XBox. Two critical misses later, Dead Rising had come on and the poor kid was in a foetal position on the floor muttering to himself.

We also have one of the most annoyingly overreacting characters EVER.
*Shambling girl walks past*
'I wanna taser her'
Me:'Im not letting you raser a random girl'
'Shes a zomboe!'
Me:'We are on a freaking uni campus, she is probably just drunk. Youre not tasing her'

Later on it turned out she WAS a zombie and was eating some guys face and we got to taser her. However he then proceeds to pour acid over the guys face to get rid of any infection. He didnt realise that we picked up 6molar HCl and the guys face ends up burnt through.

The police arriave shprtly later and see: 1 guy tasering a girl on the floor. Me pouring an unkiwn substance over some huys face (neutralising the acid with ammonia). They then see another guy throw the one with the acidface out th door. One of us stops tasering the girl to pass another the radio, hits the girl with a bottle of somekind, then continue with the taser. When they walk in, they find 1 person tasering a girl with a white, stick substance all over her fave (PVA glue) who is converd in blood. Someone with a radio, covered in blood with a slightly singed arm, me still holding an empty vial, someone behind the door they hadnt seen before and another guy sat at the top of the stairs with a bike.

Once the situation had been explained one of us went to show the police some other dead bodies and one hung out near the police car.
The other three of us went upstairs and had a goddamn cup of tea.

The only thing I was disappointed at last night was that because of this I couldnt join the Vampire roleplay. Well that and apparently in the RP you cant play as a Malkavian so it wouldnt be as fun as it could potentially be.