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Weeiiiiirrrrrd night

Went to gaming last night and I must say, shit was damn fun. I hooked up my PS3 at the demands of Ella. We then played some Gitaroo mand at which somehow both of us failed to Joe who had never played the game before.
We had it on the projector and it was quite amusing to see people walk in, shake their head and walk out again. We actually got the door closed on us at one point.

I then initiated everyone into Guilty Gear. And it was hilarious. The general copmments when people first play GG were rampant as was laughter when I showed off the movies. The highlight had to be one of the guys discovering Faust's specials. He then proceeded to spring across the level and bounce around to was generally bemused at what was happening. I also learned that I absolutly suck with every character but Bridget.

We then played SotC. In about 5 minutes of turning it on we had gone from 3 people to a crowd of about 10. We might be doing a complete runthrough of it together at one point which would be awesome.

Then the really weird stuff starts.

We leave and try to convice Ella to stay on campus for the night. Everyone offering their respective floors to sleep on. It was......amusing to say the least. We then grab some drink and head to my room. Following was much weirdness.

As we walk in, the obvios thing that people notice is my heroes of the netherworld poster. Anyone who has seen this before has abjectedly ignored it. I had two people trying to figure out where they were from and one person trying to figure out which character he had the most porn of.
We did some costume making on SC and it took us 15minutes to realise we were 4 guys, sat in a room, effectivly playing a dress up game. We stopped after the creation we were doing.
There was a worrying conversation about building an anime harem which I didnt contribute much into except for stating that if everyone else was picking someone from Haruhi then I got dibs on Kyon. This turned into an argument over how awesome Koizumi was somehow. Also in depth discussion of how awesome Evangeline is.

I also think I gave Joe my entire doujin collection. This is quite worrying as there are doujins on there that freak ME out. I mean, he may claim to hail from /d/ but there are things in there that normal people just cannot handle.

Oh and the highoight of the ngiht? An argument with Charlie over which direction meatspin turns. I was wrong it would appear and it does infact go anticlockwise.


I mean ALL my doujins. Every single last one. Including the non graphic ones involving Touhous sitting and drinking tea.

Want a disturbing fact, it showed me that my collection of doujins is over 6GB


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